The global stock of marine fish is dwindling, which may not be able to meet and sustain the growing demand for fishmeal in aquaculture in the future.

Black Soldier Fly can be a good substitute for fishmeal, making up for the shortage of fishmeal to feed more aquatic products, and eventually feed more people.

The effect is more prominent especially for shrimp and crab species.

Black Soldier Fly protein is easily digestible and nutritious, and can be used as a feed material to provide livestock with high-quality and delicious protein, energy and fiber to help poultry grow up.


Looking for new protein sources for pet food?

The Black Soldier Fly is up to the challenge. Its own protein contains complete amino acids, which can meet the pet's daily growth and nutritional needs. At the same

time, its oil is mainly composed of high-quality fatty acids. Rich in chitin, antimicrobial peptides and strong antioxidants. Can absolute help pets' health.

Ideal for seedlings, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other plants looking for natural chemical-free fertilizers. It is rich in organic matter, NPK and other various minerals, and it is also rich in Bacillus subtilis, which helps plants grow more vigorously.
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Existing Products of Nature Creation

Frozen Fresh Larvae

Dried Larvae

Chitin Rich Protein Powde

Insect Plan Grain-Free Complete Nutrition Dog Food


Frozen fresh larvae are mainly for aquaculture markets such as hairy crabs and lobsters, and have excellent feedback. It is suitable for the eating habits of crabs, lobsters, etc., and can realize feeding without waste and water pollution. Its high-quality amino acids and oils can meet the growth needs of cultured species, and enhance animal immunity, making it a perfect substitute for frozen trash fish.

Its own calcium-phosphorus ratio is also the golden ratio required for the growth of crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters, and its rich chitin can help to promote the shedding of anima, making them grow bigger and taste fresher.

Nature Creation frozen fresh larvae have been sold stably in Jiangsu, Hubei, Anhui and other relevant key breeding areas for many years.

Nature Creation dried larvae are produced by industrialized, automated and standardized cultured Black Soldier Fly larvae which after a series of standardized processing, such as cleaning and drying, etc., and with stable and excellent quality.

The product can be used in a wide range of applications. It can be used directly as poultry feed, added to animal feed and pet food as an additive, or directly used as daily snack food for exotic pets such as birds and reptiles.

According to different processing technology and quality requirements, the products are divided into aquatic grade, pet grade, livestock grade,human consumption grade.

Chitin, a functional prebiotic, is not easily digested by intestinal enzymes. It promotes the reproduction of beneficial bacteria and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria through selective stimulation in the colon, thereby regulating the intestinal ecological balance and enhancing cellular immunity and humoral immunity. It can effectively inhibit the travel of insoluble calcium salts and enhance the absorption of calcium.

After being extracted by a special process of Nature Creation, it can be well used in the fields of aquatic products, feed, and pet food. As a functional additive material, it can not only provide rich protein, but also regulate intestinal absorption and help improve common animal problems such as soft excrement.

Insect plan grain-free complete nutrition dog food is independently developed by Nature Creation. It is specially designed for dogs with sensitive and fragile stomachs and helps them improve common intestinal problems such as diarrhea and soft excrement. In fact, the problem of diarrhea in dogs can be solved in the fastest 7 hours, and long-term consumption can also help dogs establish an excellent intestinal digestive system. At the same time, it is rich in nutrients such as high-quality protein, fatty acids and antimicrobial peptides, which can also help dogs enhance their immunity and strengthen their body.

The Insect Plan Dog Food is formulated to follow and meet AAFCO standards and is a high-quality dog food.