Black Soldier Fly protein transformation process

The Black Soldier Fly protein conversion process is to use the biological characteristics of the Black Soldier Flies to convert a large number of wasted food resources such as kitchen waste (before or after cook), spoiled fruits and vegetables, into high-quality insect protein that can provide nutrition for animals, and provide organic fertilizers with nutrients for plants. So as to solve the current serious food waste problem and realize the harmless, reduction and resource utilization of organic waste.

Traditional food waste treatment processes are mainly landfill, incineration, biogas, etc. The Black Boldier Fly protein conversion process can not only solve the environmental pollution and energy consumption problems caused by landfill and incineration, but also solve the problems of biogas technology. The treated solid slag becomes a new supplement to the traditional craftsmanship.

Process flow,

and the role of Nature Creation in the process

In the whole process of kitchen waste treatment, Nature Creation is mainly used as a service provider to provide high-value kitchen waste recycling solutions for sanitation enterprises, and the solid residue separated by pretreatment is further utilized as resources. after standardized and industrial breeding, it is transformed and processed into alternative protein, oil and organic fertilizer that can be applied to aquatic feed, livestock and poultry feed and planting agriculture.

Wide range of applications

Environment friendly

Low cost

High level of automation
The equipment failure rate is low, the Black Soldier Flies have good biological adaptability, and are not easy to die. It can achieve stable operation throughout the year, and the output products are also stable. There are successful cases in Beijing, Zhejiang, Hunan, Gansu and other multi-dimensional regions.

Fully enclosed negative pressure treatment environment, no odor leakage, no pollution to the environment, no disturbance to the people, and separation of man and machine, the production environment is equally friendly.

Three-dimensional farming, low land occupied, less labor, low energy consumption, and low cost.

It can be designed according to environmental conditions, site conditions and processing scale to meet different needs. Simple workshops, facility greenhouses, and bare ground can be installed and used.

A processing cycle can be completed in 5-7 days. During the operation of the equipment, a culturing tray from insect extraction to material feeding is completed every 2 minutes on average.

It can realize automatic feeding, weighing, processing, discharging and conveying, with low dependence on labor.

6 Advantages of our technology