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Nature Creation is determined to become a great technology enterprise with a long-term foundation.

One thing well enough will impress people, and people also impressed by the concentration of the creator.

As early as 2012, the idea of the application of Black Soldier Fly sprouted, and it has been nearly 10 years.

From a small larva, to derivative into an industry.

To put it simply, we focus on the insect "Black Soldier Fly" and do 3 things:

1. Study on the Black Soldier Fly: breeding, spawning, larvae culturing and processing techniques;

2. Promote the application of Black Soldier Fly biotechnology: self-built a Black Soldier Fly super factory, and promote environmental protection companies to use the Black Soldier Fly technology to solve the problem of kitchen waste resources (to achieve the treatment effect of harmless, reduction and resource utilization of kitchen waste);

3. Intensive processing and sales of insect products: insect-based shrimp and crab special active feed, chitin protein powder (animal-derived dietary fiber nutrition product), insect protein powder, dried larvae and other products.

Nature Creation is striving to become the world's largest supplier of insect protein and products.

Provide a cost-effective solution for the reuse of food waste resources (NC-BSF-TANK Automated Insect Culturing System);

High-quality insect-based protein products (BSF Pro product range) for the livestock, aquaculture and pet food industries.

At present, Nature Creation has laid out dozens of independent technology patents in the field of Black Soldier Fly biotechnology, and has prepared and landed insect protein factories in many places in China. It has completed the layout of the whole industry chain from variety breeding, automatic culturing, raw material product processing, product application and full process quality standardization system.

More than dozens of independent technology patents, independent insect breeding technology and spawning base, self-built Black Soldier Fly automatic culturing super factory, independent research and development of insect nutrition products, intensive processing insect culturing consulting services, and insect nutrition product trade.

We are a diverse, scientific and rigorous innovation team.

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The main members of the team are from Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, South China Agricultural UniversityHohenheim University in Germany and other institutions of higher learning.

We attach importance to research and development, and the productivity transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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We have adopted a horizontal cooperation model with the Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology - Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences - Chinese Academy of Sciences, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University Collaborative Ecological Innovation Center, South China Normal University Institute of Insect Science and Technology, China Agricultural University School of Biology and the key Laboratory of Feed Microbiology of the Ministry of Agriculture, to jointly develop the related technology and application of resource-based insect active protein.

We attach great importance to quality, regard safety and hygiene as the first principle, and are committed to making Black Soldier Fly a high-quality and reliable source of animal protein.

_ _

1. We directly supervise every CCPs of the supply chain, and cooperate with partners on the chain to jointly improve the technological level and eliminate the gap between feed standards and food standards.

2. All Black Soldier Fly protein materials come from the factory which is completely artificially fed and processed by closed automated culturing. After the Black Soldier Fly are cultured, they undergo standardized processing procedures such as cleaning, and sterilization in sequence, and strictly implement hygiene and safety standards.

3. At present, the whole process of traceability from production, processing and transportation can be realized. All non-self-owned processing links have set up on-site quality control posts to monitor product quality throughout the process.

4. In cooperation with a number of third-party testing agencies, each Black Soldier Fly product is sent for inspection at a fixed frequency. The testing items include microorganisms, heavy metals, various nutritional indicators, etc., to ensure the safety of materials in many aspects.

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All greatness begins with a spark
Nature Creation officially established

In May 2016, Nature Creation was officially registered and established in Beijing.

Taking advantage of the sunshine, we held the first plenary meeting of Nature Creation next to the big puddle at the base of the Wali Township Building in Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District, Beijing. The conditions are quite simple, a few big stones are the table and chairs, but the excitement in everyone's heart is beyond words.

We have to do it together, do something big together, big enough to connect with people and the environment.

Get started!

In addition to lack of money, no lack of sweat, no lack of ideas, no lack of determination and drive to start a business, guarding a screening machine can also be like a McLaren team engineer. When we see the insect in the culturing box, my eyes are filled with the feeling of harvest fruits. Whether it is dirty or stinky, the ambition to change the world with worms is unstoppable.

We start construction: Unit of large-scale processing of kitchen solid waste

After several rounds of on-the-spot investigation and evaluation, the partners of Beijing Sanitation Group were finally shocked by the hard-working spirit and magical processing efficiency of the Black Soldier Fly, and signed a pilot project with us for the daily processing of 10 tons of kitchen waste contract. The three-dimensional layer-frame culture is beginning to take shape. We hope to use the factory-like thinking to make the processing of Black Soldier Fly, rhythmic, and use automation and mechanization as much as possible to improve the working environment and efficiency.

Signed a pilot project agreement with the Fifth Space Unit of Beijing Sanitation Group
The first "big" project
Meet the "Angel"
Successfully signed the first angel investment

Black Soldier Fly is a new technology. New, also means unknown, uncertainty. No one knows how the future will develop, or when the dawn will be seen. Advancing in the haze, we are so fortunate to have met an angel. He said, "What you do is good, and the attitude you do is the attitude of good people, so I invest you."

The acceptance of Beijing sanitation pilot project was successful

Only we know how difficult it has been here. Starting from the coldest winter in Beijing, when we went into production, we wanted to jump on it to warm up the larvae. Up to the hottest temperature in Beijing, we were sweating naked. Constantly adjust the process and efficiency, compete with larvae, garbage, and equipment. Finally, the smooth acceptance of the 10-ton project gives us strong encouragement and we continue to work hard!

Initial plan
Jining Project:
The establishment of NC-BSF-TANK1.0 automation system

No previous experience, only our own computer design. If we want to automate, have to build our own equipment. We crossed the river by feeling the stones, wired and welded steel by ourselves, and fell one by one.

We hope to use factory-like thinking to make the processing of Black Soldier Fly more rhythmic, automated and mechanized, so as to improve the working environment and increase efficiency.

Firm the direction
Liuyang Greenhouse Treatment Project

Liuyang Greenhouse Treatment Project

We moved to Hunan to conduct large-scale treatment experiments using existing agricultural facilities. The production in the greenhouse is relatively rough. We chose to pick up the shovel again in the absence of a better project, and mass-produce insect protein feed for hairy crabs. Customers from the beginning of the doubt, to like it very much. Unfortunately, due to the turmoil in the renovation of the greenhouse, this project did not last for a long time, and it further strengthened our idea of using the industrialization idea to solve the Black Soldier Fly to deal with kitchen waste.

Upgrade again
NC-BSF-TANK2.0 successfully landed

Yes, we've moved again - which also means, we've built a new system. What do you think? Compared to the previous 1.0 version, has the shotgun replaced the cannon? The mechanical movement is more complex than before, and the daily processing capacity has also increased under the limited floor space. We want to further reduce unnecessary physical activity and explore the best fit between living things (the insect) and the operation of mechanical equipment.

Super engineering

Toptech super factory built

If you could choose one thing to be proud of, it would have to be it - at the beginning of 2020, I can't remember how many times we moved the factory. We proposed to "work hard for 100 days". The modern Black Soldier Fly super factory was built on schedule (finally).

At the beginning, he shoveled the shovel and lifted the box. At this time, when a button was pressed, the entire culturing system was automatically advanced.

From the initial experiment with mosquito nets on the balcony of our own house, to the rented greenhouse in the suburbs of Beijing, to the factory that now covers an area of 4,000 square meters. The daily processing of kitchen waste is 50 tons, and the daily output of Black Soldier Fly is 10 tons. It integrates the system of automatic material transmission, feeding, culturing, larvae processing, odor collection and processing, automatic discharge, and commodity insect screening.

——Operation, automatic operation, automatic high-efficiency operation, automatic high-efficiency and stable operation.

Make your dog eat better

"Insect Plan Grain-Free Complete Nutrition Dog Food"

After solving the problem of industrial production, we need to continue to expand the application of insect products, although there has been a certain sales basis in the aquatic market, but to enhance the application value of insects is still the direction of our unremitting efforts.

As pet owners, we found that the various nutrients and special effects of insects are especially suitable for cats and dogs with relatively fragile stomachs. With the idea of providing better food for pets, we independently developed an insect protein based complete nutrition grain-free dog food, which is sold online start on June 1, 2021.